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Hiking in Bkasseen Forest
Event starts on Sunday, May 20, 2012
From 08:00 AM until 05:00 PM

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Bkassine  - weather / weekend -


Bkassine Jezzine


Bkassine Municipality


 Mr Maroun Azziz & Baldati Team



Road to take:

Dbayeh - Alfa - Cola - Khaldeh - Saida - Bkassine


Hiking Duration :

 4 hrs - 12 km

Altitude :

750 m - 1000 m

Level :

5 /10 advanced

Contribution :

  1. 20$ or 30000 lbp : Before Tuesday and Card Holders 
  2. 23$ or 35000 lbp : Before Friday
  3. 27$ or 40000 lbp : In the bus


 including:- Baldati fees - Guiding - Transportation

For Groups: As a Group Leader register yourself and if possible all the memebrs of the group as individuales members on this page and send all names and mobiles by sms or email

Return time

About 6:00 PM depends on the traffic



Our Hiking Sunday May 20 2012 will be in Bkassine-Jezzine we will walk from Sahet Bkassine and go through the pine forest of Bkassine. The walk in the forest is uphill. It will be long and you will be able to enjoy every step of the way. The track will lead us to Jesir Jwar El Sour to see a really great view of Jezzine. From there, we will continue toward to Sahrij Bou Hamad where we can take our Lunch, and then go straight to a pine forest until we arrive to Nabi Lichaa to Bkassine & Sabah Machmouch area ....we will visit the old mills to see how wheat used to be grinded in water mills and we will pass to Dr Sarhal Castle... 

Perhaps best known for its splendid pine forest, Bkassine lies south of Jezzine and is one of South Lebanon's most charming villages. The pine forest surrounds it and provides the perfect setting for a quite weekend away from the noise and pollution of the city.

It is a traditional Lebanese town with red-tile roof houses and narrow streets.  The town square becomes a the hub for nightlife.Being a summer resort, the town is quite active between June and September when most of its residents are there. At night, The town has a number of small grocery shops, and restaurants.

 Located at an average altitude of 950m, Bkassine is a charming peaceful village gifted by nature with a large and exquisite pine forest, covering an area of 1 million square meter, making it the largest pine forest in Lebanon. It is also the last pine forest to the south of Turkey.

Will pass to Jezzine ,Jezzine- the city of falls because of its famous waterfall
Jezzine (Jezzine), 22 km from Saidon (Saida, Sidon), is the most famous summer and touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape and its 40m high waterfalls. Vital public facilities contributed in making Jezzine the most important town in the area. The town is located on the slopes of Tumat Niha and is surrounded with pine forests, vineyards and orchards.





This is an "Open Event", hikers are allowed to bring friends and invite others to join after informing them of all the details of the trip.




For more:




  • Contact Baldati on  : 03-666565 04-922999
  • for e-payment prblems : contact net-commerce
  • Please note any cancellations after Saturday 4pm will incur a fee of 20,000LBP. So please make sure you're attending before reserving.  


Your Needs:
  • Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS-A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day.
  • Water : at least 1 liters/person
  • Food : High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies
  • Backpack: Personal first aid kit - Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Ask for your discount coupon from SPORTS4EVER .
  • " Terranet " is the Official Baldati Internet Provider is a nonprofit organization , all fees collected goes to cover the running costs of our ongoing development programs


This is a paid event. Participation costs USD 20.
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