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Welcome to the Baldati organization Section , was established in 2003 , reg. 7/ad.


we had designed and implemented many development projects

like the portal of all villages and virtual communities , , , and many others ... see more 


Welcome to, join the editorial team and promote your communities, become a volunteer, meet all Lebanese from all over the world on .Be part of the  training programs held by baldati , and why not think about finding a job vacancy with

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Vision and Mission - What's the difference
Why does it matter if there is confusion about Vision and Mission statements, or if they are written in a certain way? For the same reasons it is fundamental and valuable for any organization to have a strategic plan as a roadmap for success, it is important to develop a plan around a clearly defined and well written Vision and Mission

دور البلديات... في زمن الأنتخابات

يبدو واضحا ان حرارة الأنتخابات  بدأت تحمى في كافة المناطق والقرى اللبنانية و نحن نرى في ذلك ايجابية الحركة السياسية و تفاعل المواطن مع هذه الممارسة الديموقراطية .

و لفتنا ما يحصل في منطقة قضاء جبيل و تحديدا في ميفوق

How to add a place on

How much we are in need of a ZIP code in Lebanon, Baldati created “ Baldati Places” which is a combination of our traditional way to describe our location and a google earth map.

You can now add as many addresses as u want  FREE of CHARGE .

Go to the specified village using the search on the top or browse  and follow the instruction below.

You can add your home , promote your business , or show the parking nearby or help people to find interesting focal points….

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