Nabi safa roman temple

During this week’s Sunday hike with Baldati Team in Kfarmeshke-Caza of Rashayya, we passed by Nebi Safa, a Roman Temple that faces Mount Hermon. As a patriot, and an archaeologist, I was horrified to see the state of the abandoned site: A certain “arrogant individual” wanted a spacious green garden in front of his villa. HE GETS IT. All it takes is a bulldozer, a few hours work and BAM!! A 2000 years old vestige is ruined….The harm is done…the entrance to the temple is all jumbled up!!! Some blocks are even used to decorate his lovely lawn. I didn’t ask who the owner is; even if it were my father, I would have spoken my rage out about how archeological and historical sites are being treated. This is not acceptable! LEBANESE CIVILIZED COMPATRIOTS…… PLEASE STOP DESTROYING OUR HERITAGE Rita Kalindjian Field Archaeologist