Hikeless sunday


Hikeless Sunday and I blame Issam.


Well, first YES hikeless is a new word. Why not!


I sat down all day this Sunday with a book in my hand, I ate a very nice meal, nothing like I'm using to have every Sunday while hiking with the guys, it was a very nice day actually but the thing is it was hikeless.

There were no Isam call me on the talky telling me to harry up, no chats and laughs with the gentle mans Khaled Missak or geroge, no youpi songs with Zeki, Mira and the rest of the scouts, no sweet Chantal drawing smile on my face no Reula making fun of how short I am and me hopping that she pass away so I could make fun when I reach her from the end of the tale. But the thing I missed the most is Leila shouting all day long on us to move faster. It was simply a hikeless day, and I blame Issam , because usually his the one to blame for everything :-).

God please, I don’t mind bad weathers, just don’t let it be on Sundays