Fewer nonsmokers are inhaling second-hand smoke than in years past, thanks to recent laws that prohibit smoking in offices, bars, restaurants and other public places, a study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes. A decline in the number of adult smokers to slightly below 20 percent also is a factor, some 46 percent of nonsmokers had evidence of measurable blood nicotine levels between 1999 and 2004, compared with 84 percent of nonsmokers sampled in the late 1980s and early 1990s.Exposure to second-hand smoke can increase a nonsmoker's lung cancer risk by at least 20 percent and the risk of heart disease by at least 25 percent, the wire service said. ( )

Smoking prevalence in the adult population in Lebanon of 53.6%

The reported prevalence of smoking in the USA is 25.6%

The average number of cigarettes smoked daily is 23

The average number of cigarettes smoked daily is 15 in France

 67.4% of Lebanese smoke more than 20 cigarettes/day

27% of the USA residents smoke more than 20 cigarettes/day


Whereas the Lebanese smoking rate is increasing among adults and even adolescents, the government didn’t implement a plan to prohibit smoking in public places, malls, universities and others. It continues to be permitted to smoke in all public places whereas France, UAE, USA and many others had implemented such plans to limit the health threats and concerns toward their citizens. We still witness adolescents buy and smoke cigarettes whereas the cigarettes pack says “sold only to adults”, for the simple fact that the salesman or the markets prefer to sell 50 more packs in a month on saving one kid or at least grant him an additional year or two with no laws or adequate legal pursuement.

Finally we could contemplate on the situation we are in and the facts and figures surrounding us, we would understand the reason why we are always running behind and that it is time to act and try to make a difference on the personal level, the group level and leading to the Lebanese society.

Rony Gedeon