Become a Green City

Any City or County in the Arab World that meets the qualifying criteria for membership in Baldati Green Cities  (BGC) is encouraged to apply for membership.

All BGC members have demonstrated leadership in achieving effective solutions to the environmental challenges faced by urban communities.  The bar for BGC membership is high, by design.  Pre-requisites include the adoption of:

  1. A climate action plan or a sustainability plan, or a commitment to have one adopted by the end of the year in which application for membership is made; and
  2. The Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

In addition, members are asked to work with their City Councils or Boards of Supervisors in adopting the BGC Sustainability Resolution within one year of gaining membership.  The resolution outlines two specific sustainability policies BGC members pledge to advance in their jurisdictions:

  1. Purchase of “100% post-consumer recycled” paper for all government operations and
  2. Elimination of the purchase of bottled water for government operations and government sponsored events.

Member Dues

Membership dues in BGC are determined by population and range from $1000 - $15,000 annually. BGC’s Member Dues policy is available on request.

BGC Member Benefits

For a listing of the benefits of BGC Membership, see the Benefits of BGC Membership document.

Applying for BGC Membership

If your jurisdiction can or soon will meet the criteria noted above and you would like to apply for membership, please complete the Membership Application Form and submit electronically to