Kaufberatung1: What you should consider before buying a sex doll

Looking for a Lebensechte Sexpuppe? what you need to know first!

With several thousand dollars to spend on a love doll, you should make an informed decision before purchasing your own sex doll rather than spending on something you will regret and disappoint. In our opinion, before buying or building your own sex doll, you should consider the following things:


The doll price mainly depends on the doll's size and body measurements like breast size or butt size etc. So plan your budget accordingly or find the right Mittlere Brüste Sexpuppen size according to your budget.


There are mainly two types of materials to make the doll. One is Silicone and the other is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers). Both have advantages and disadvantages, e.g. silicone is more durable than TPE, but TPE stands out for its quality, a realism it brings to the SE DOLL. TPE is also more popular than silicone because of its realistic amounts, it's flexible, soft and squishy and looks quite realistic.

Silicone dolls can be heated for long periods of time, allowing them to incorporate built-in heating systems. Silicone is a non-porous material that is easier to clean and has better water resistance.

So, all you have to do is learn about silicone and TPE and decide to choose a kind of material for your Sexpuppe.

size / height of the doll.

Ask yourself the question, "Do you have enough space for a life size doll or do you just want a mini sex doll or just a torso?"

Where will you place the doll? It might need some space for storage, cleaning, etc. Make a decision accordingly and choose the size that is enough for you. Normally the size varies from 82 cm torso to 175 cm Anime Sexpuppen. Also, these dolls are equipped with a human-like steel skeleton so you can articulate them and this can make them a bit heavy. For these reasons, you should choose the doll wisely and according to the size and weight you can handle.