Hi to all

i am glad I joined Baldati's e community. We are working on a project called Hyphen Islam-Christianity that includes a collector's photography book and a photo exibition.

Beyond its
controversial title, this project isn’t a religious or political one. It represents
the will to relive and to retrace all traditions, cultures, heritage, stories,
dialogs… that people from different religions and in a same village, town or
country, can share.


« Hyphen Islam – Christianity » is a
new innovative project that consists of a collector’s book, a photo exhibition
and round tables. 

We spent 3 months in lebanon taking pictures and interviewing people. the project is launched in montreal in septembre and then goes to lebanon where it will be presented in 4 major cities (jbeil, beirut, sour and Zahle).

We are now producing the book (writing it, chosing pictures, doing the design...) It will be in french and english for now - hoping that we will be later able to translate it into arabic.

Anyhow, i am not writing to promote the project (well a tiny bit) but because i need some help and i was hoping you could give me a hand.

I need some stories on Btouratij that enhances the hyphen between islam and christianity, stories of neder (christians going to islamic holy places or vice versa), of people who have a muslim name while they are christian and /or vice versa, stories of cooperation between the 2 communities... anything you can thing of that shows that beyond religious differences, the people are friends, neighbours, part of the same family and village.

If you have any questions or wish to know more, please don t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all for your feed back.