The DHIAFEE Program

DHIAFEE in Arabic simply means “hospitality”.

Warm and welcoming, good quality and low cost lodgings outside Beirut and throughout Lebanon are ready to welcome you and to help you to experience the Lebanese hospitality in the heart of the country…

The DHIAFEE program was conceived by ANERA.

In a country rich with sites that appeal to a wide variety of travelers, the DHIAFEE Program believes that visitors will enjoy the opportunity to stay in local communities where they can gain an authentic experience of life in Lebanon.

The DHIAFEE Program works with Al-Kafaat Foundation to enable them to enroll more students in their Catering and Hospitality Management Schools and provide them with a higher quality education.

 The DHIAFEE program supports Cottage Inns (also known as Alternative Tourism Lodgings) in rural areas throughout Lebanon in order to promote tourism and small business development.

 The DHIAFEE Program chose around 45 cottage inns to work with.

All the lodgings are located outside Beirut.

With a maximum of 30 rooms and a unique appeal, the lodgings are low cost; average of 35 $(per night /per person) including breakfast.

For an unforgettable unique experience don’t hesitate to contact:

Gefinor Center – 6th floor - Bloc B – 602
Clemenceau- Beirut
Tel/ Fax: +961-1-750 603
Mobile: +961-3-219 573