To all Municipalities of Lebanon

Dear all

Now that the municipality elections will end by Monday morning

Ask the Exert program on will be back to action

We are planning to host new elected municipalities from all over Lebanon

Next week Thursday 3rd of June at 6:30pm Ehmej – Jbeil will be our host


Dear all

Contact your municipalities and lets coordinate for a session on “ Ask the Expert” to promote your village and announce your summer program.

1.       Prepare your documents, audio – video materials , digital posters, brochures to be posted on your village group on

2.       Send us the list of guests from the village; better to have representatives of different organizations, municipality , moukhtar, school …

3.       You can chose any day during the week after 6 pm

4.       A promotional video will be done during the session and posted on

5.       Documents and pictures will be posted on the related group on

6.       Will discuss future cooperation through our  ongoing programs or programs running under other partners and  NGO’s such as : , and citizen lebanon

7.  Contact Us