Ham Radio in the Mountain



Gathering up the hill by Land Rover Defender and Vogue , in Mtein area, we enjoyed being outside Beirut, breathing clear air and walking in the nature of God, up the hill is about 1540 m altitude.


OD5YZ Cezar , OD5RW John, OD5QB George, OD5MV Raja, OD5NJ Gaby, Nelly-Maria Mardiros OD5NJ/2  and her cousin Gael Mardiros.


Nature of the area is very tuff; this land has to be planted as soon as possible. We couldn’t find a tree to sit under its shadow. Well! everything is possible we are going to plant some of the area, Ham Radio people have a real concern about nature, who doesn’t care about nature?!!!!


73' OD5NJ