Wild Lebanon.com ...Upgrade

Since 2002 when I started Baldati.com.

it was a futuristic project for unconventional persons. Too many changes were made on the shape, the visual, the management of this Project.

But the concept remains the same which is building a Lebanese Social Network for Development through all possible ways.

Sometimes we failed ,many times we succeeded, the most important is that the graph remains ascending since 9 years.

The Hiking Club was the first club established on Baldati.com to compliment Baldati.org mission and vision.

It was the tool we used to feel and understand more our villages and communities , get in touch with its people and keep Baldati.com a realistic project , close to earth.

Many managers and committees were on the management of the hiking club .each one left his imprint somewhere on the project and the hikers.

Like the saying "الاسلوب هو الرجل " "The style is the man" and every time the style contributed to bring a different type of hikers…

The classy , adventurers , moody , funny , humble , arrogant, skimpy , selfish , generous, …..so many types of people we met during the years  , so many friends and unfortunately some few enemies…

We are glad that lot of the guides, the clubs and the tour operators acting now in Lebanon were previously among our team or hikers.

We gave the trainings, the know how , the contacts without any restriction .Some were used in the good way and some were not.


Baldati.com is proud to be among the first to use new technologies GPS , Digital maps, online tracking and booking …in the management of hiking trips in Lebanon. and now hikers specially Lebanese with those new technologies , are not in need of any assistance anymore to hike in the nature and they can do it on their own.


1.       knowing that lot of new groups are formed every day and the “competition” is much unfair and not regulated.

2.       Knowing that the hiking club is a division of Baldati.org and has a responsibility toward Baldati.org and should contribute in the running cost of the organization.

3.       Knowing that people are no more in one category , some are extreme , some touristic, some cultural ….

4.       Knowing that guiding is not only walking and it needs more and more understanding of the groups and their different needs.

5.       Knowing that we always faced challenges with innovation.


Baldati.com Hiking Club is moving to a new upgrade:


1.       We thank the actual comity of the hiking club for all the efforts done.

2.       Starting March 22 Baldati.com Hiking Club will merge under WWW.wildlebanon.com

3.       Wildlebanon.com is a nonprofit division of Baldati.org with 49% of its capital to be shared with investors

4.       6 divisions will be created to cover all hikers interests :

a.       Hiking in a village: smooth hiking trips into villages

b.      Hiking in a city: night walks in urban areas , tourism and discovery

c.       Hiking in a Factory: Shopping, hiking, exploring , tasting : wineries, farms, factories … from supplier to consumer. Support the Lebanese Industry on our way.

d.      Hiking to the MAX: extreme hiking trips, adventures , wouhouch….

e.      Camping : eco lodges, tents, scouting, outdoor seminars and workshops….

f.        Travel: regional tourism , travels, “a la Baldati….”

5.       6 committees will be formed to manage the 6 divisions

6.       Each comity will elect its board.

7.       All head of committees will form the management council.

8.       A workshop will be organized to brain storm and discuss the internal laws and references and the different roles: trip managers, local guides, assistants , tour operator ….

9.       If you are interested to join the team send your cv to wildlebanon@baldati.com

10.   Please specify the role you would like to play.

11.   For more info call us





Best regards,

Chaker noon

Architect , R&D consultant

Elissar, noon.bldg,Grd. floor,metn,Lebanon

Tel/Fax : +961 (4) 922999- Cel: +961 (3)666565

Web: www.baldati.org   E-mail: info@baldati.org  IM: Baldati@msn.com

Listen to Baldati.com every Friday@6:20pm on www.sawtloubnan.com

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