Sound Absorbing Blinds!

Trying to block out that office noise with partitions and office re-shuffles?

Apparently there is no need as Japan Blinds have invented and designed a range of blinds that actually absorb sound! They are almost identical in every way to normal blinds – except they are made of felt!

These natural fibre blinds have been proved to absorb up to 60% of noise power in the office environment – so not only shutting out the site of the office when you have a meeting (or lunch break) but also drowning out some of the noises like printers, fans and routers.

How Do They Do It?
Well, the trick is in the harnessing of the natural elements. Basically if the thickness of the felt sheets is balanced correctly with a layer of air between the source of the noise and your ears – it absorbs most of the sound energy within itself – like a shield of sorts.

Due to their construction on composition they are actually cheaper and easier to install than many other sound-proofing solutions currently available to businesses – they can be in place in less than 2 hours and cause no major disruption to the workplace.

I mean you have blinds in most offices – so why not just trade them for soundproof ones if you are plagued or annoyed by background noice when you are working.

Not all offices have time to attach massive sheets or materials to the wall cavities – and then still have blinds over the windows anyway!

How Do They Look?
Unfortunately they are not good! They are currently available in thick heavy-looking gray…….

And due to their manufacture, they are of course only compacted and matted fibres – so can tear much easier than plastic or wooden blinds, and depending on the fibres used – they may cause an allergic reaction if the fibres get into the air after damage or through incorrect cleaning.

However, they are a great new idea in the workplace if they really do stop that much of the background noise – and could maybe be used elsewhere and across walls and doors to limit sound interruptions at home or in your workshop!