- 31-may-2012


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  1. karl zouein and a breif about baldati visit to yahchouch. see pics
  2. Alain aoun and the exhebition in IBA2 see more
  3. Antoine tayan : syoufi garden project see more
  4. naji tannouss and the carbon foot print. see more
  5. green peace with rayan makarem and the 0-waste strategy
  6. makram oueiss and wahdetna khalasna 
  7. hala attieh and our trip from moukhtara to bisri see more

I did not know your program has such audience, when i talk to people they tell me they heard me over the radio
it seems they appreciated the subject. But this is not all, read this;
Next day after the emission i receive an email from a friend i did not see since 30 years, he lives in Los Angeles
he told over the mail if i am the naji he knows, he told me he recognized my voice all the way from beirut to los Angeles
he got my mail from relatives of his. Baldati program reconnected us after 30 years, what a story.
Talking of a small world..........