Dear Act for Lebanon,

Here I am after all the hard training that I did, now is the time to leave to China.

Last week was the awful week that I had. On Tuesday my brother who come to Holland to help me with the preparation, while he was in the gym he had a heart attack, and after the police and the ambulance came in a hurry to save his heart who stopped working.

When they brought him back to life, they transferred him to the hospital and directly to the operation room where they open 3 tubes were closed near the heart. The first 2 days were very dangerous as they thought can be felt in a coma. But thanks God after 2 days he waked up, but very tired. He stayed 6 days in the intensive care and after they moved him to the room, and sure he has to stay there for test.

Now he still there but thanks God everyday we see progressing in his condition.

It was very hard on my watching what’s happened, even with my training. He was intending to leave with me to China and now have to stay in Holland for more check up and test, and after he wont be able to leave the country before 6 weeks.

Today was my last training here in Holland, and with all this situation I was able to train more and more, because now a medal is a priority, and sure I like it to be gold. I made some test here and all were good and now I am ready to leave to China.

The last training fase will be there, because we should study the road, and some strategie from my team who is coming with me. And hope to be ready and give everything what I cam for this medal, and who know may be 2.
The most important things that I am now quite ready for it, there is still some details should be done there in China, but I AM READY FOR IT.

I will keep you updated while my staying in China.

Many regards,

Edward Maalouf


Well on the 3rd i moved to the Paralympic village. I had some problem with the clothes that they brought it for me from Lebanon, but i had luck that I was able to arrange alternative clothes here from China.

The training is doing fine, now the stress is begin to become bigger and bigger, but the feeling is good and i am looking forward for it.

My races will be on the 12 and the 14th of sep, the first race on the 12 will begin at 10 o'clock in the morning (time trial) and the second race will be on the 14th and will begin at the same time at 10 in the morning.

Today they raised the Lebanese flag in the village and the Lebanese Ambassador were present here as well.

I will keep u updated but i dont have internet in my room so i have to go to a internet shop to surf on the net.