Prepare dough as in No. 407
10 oz. root of soapwort
2 1/5 lbs. sugar for syrup
10 oz. honey, mixed with syrup
1 1/2 oz. rose water, for syrup
17 oz. boiling water, for syrup
1 oz. lemon juice, for syrup
14 oz. fine sugar for stuffing
1 lb. fine sugar for stuffing
1 1/2 oz. rose and orange flower water
2 1/2 pts. water to soak root of soapwort.


Peel roots of soapwort, pound and wash well. Soak in cold water for 12 hours at least. Boil it in the same water in which it soaked until there is left about 1/2 pt. of liquid. Put it through a strained. Put strained liquid in a deep pot on low heat and heat with a wire beater until foam appears. Add to it the syrup mixed with honey little by little, beating all the time until mixture becomes very thick. Pour into another container and let it cool. Cut dough and form into round patties and stuff them with finely cut almonds mixed with sugar and rose and orange water. Make them look like a kibbi mold or have an oval shape, or have both shape represented. Bake the same as in No. 409 (Patties and Cakes Stuffed with dates), but oven should be hot. Serve this cold and serve with it the syrup mixed with root of soapwort, but have syrup in a separate container.

Note: You may leave out the honey but increase the sugar by 1/2 lb.