My own experience!

  Baldati is more than an NGO, it is more than a place to work, and more than just projects to accomplish! First day, introduced by the founder of Baldati to all team and then I started to receive emails on my new account to be welcomed by all my colleagues. Familiarizing yourself with the atmosphere and the way any organization functions is not easy the first week or even more, but in Baldati I was able to adapt myself with everyone and with the nature of tasks I would be given. Every article added, every step taken or every new event is shared between all members of Baldati through emails in order to be all on the same truck and aware of all news! It is true that each individual has his/her own specialization but in Baldati it somehow apply the quote that states: “All for one and one for all”.  Personally, I am majored in International Affairs and Political Science but I found myself helping in other fields and departments, which pushed me to believe that any person is capable and has the potential to contribute in anything if he/she has the will. Let’s not forget that NGOs are sometimes much more powerful than government when it comes to society issues, and Baldati’s aim to revive forgotten or neglected villages is crucial in Lebanon. Why is that? Because each village in Lebanon has its own characteristic that makes it special and worth developing it and saveguarding its tradition. Migration is not always the solution to evolve, and why not think of evolving while developing our villages at the same time?! Moreover, I realized that this NGO does not compete other NGOs just for a more important title, on the contrary it works on cooperating with others in order to achieve its goal. Reviving, reuniting, and remeeting all governorates of Lebanon was done by Baldati through workshops that are very interesting and that allows us to be more tolerant. A month is not much but I have learned loads, especially how to be honest, open and straight with other colleagues. Last and not least, I do encourage all lebanese from all over lebanon to join Baldati and help in saving the shattered of our villages.    


                                                                                             Ghinwa Basbous