What makes you a dedicated active citizen?

Is there any procedure that shows that?

A systematic process that measures all good deeds should be present. This system would measure too, the harmful deeds one would commit to his nation and people.

One who would burn a tree should be noted a “black dot” on his record whereas another who would grow a tree on his balcony should awarded with a “white dot”. This would serve of great deal to be able to recognize who, what and where has been done for and on the nation’s expense. Shouldn’t one who would get a ticket for drive speeding needs to be known at least to the government because he is working against the flow of nation development? A system that recognizes the good citizen from the others, simply said, should exist for this citizen needs to be rewarded for his commitment and dedication to his nation and people.

Think of school and college, didn’t we all get grades for quizzes, projects and hard work? Well this is of much higher significance for with no nation there will be no more schools, homes or people and this is the road we are heading.

Four million Lebanese and everyone for himself, 10452 m2 and some of us don’t know where it starts and where it ends, four languages (Arabic, English, French and Armenian) and we can’t seem to find one to communicate, 17 religious sects known and still can’t find the faith to stick together…

I think it is time now to stick by each other, give a hand, value and praise gallantry as well as bravery but this time to work, endeavor and devote ourselves all together, side by side to develop our communities and give back to the country, community and land that has long held and supported us.


Baldati created now a system that grades each and every member upon his commitment, dedication, initiatives and citizenship. Yes citizenship could be measured and yes it starts with little steps to get to our destination, a greater nation for us all…therefore o be active in your nation you need to be active in your community.

Baldati Race for "Best Active Member 2009"

Grades are distributed on such:






Invite Friends to Join


Comment on news


Reply to a thread


Comment on photos


Add news article


Add a place


Add photo album


Add a video


Comment on a video


Start a new discussion


Add an event


Edit this community







There will be financial rewards at the end of each year for the first 3 winners with the highest points so Be ready as of February 2009 all points will be annulled and the race begins to a better future for our communities…

  • 1st place: 1,000$
  • 2nd place: 500$
  • 3rd place: 300$

 So put your hands in ours and let’s strive to develop our villages, communities, administrations and Lebanon…

Baldati is offering the means and tools to achieve this dream of having a country we could say that we have spent our lives building not destroying.

You could start with small steps as writing an article or posting a photo of your community, you could organize or promote an event in your community, you could launch a discussion to investigate others’ thoughts and opinions as well as plan to work together, you could post a video highlighting a problem or solution in your own community and if you have thoughts, creativity, ideas of projects and initiatives that may lend hand to develop and support your community…

Baldati strives to develop all our communities from the capital to the furthest village and town in the mountains along with the suburban, every home and every individual…  

Baldati Team

Rony gedeon


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