Nowadays, NGO   sector is booming in Lebanon.

baldati urge all members to be involved in civil society projects join or any other NGO that fits with your objectives 

Different not–for- profit organizations are supplanting the ministry of social affairs in their endeavor to provide services to local communities.

Many types of non-governmental organizations are working to relief Lebanese frustrations, ensure communities needs, respond to urgent obligations and facilitate communication and networking among them.

If Baldati has a moral duty, then we say that it is imperative for it  to portray itself as a portal for any NGO desiring to promote its news, post its achievements and network with other entities  for a better tomorrow.

Hence, pending our posting of the list of organizations, their addresses and contact number , we would be delighted receiving any comment or suggestion.

Please send your comments and suggestions to

or contact Sarita Salameh

04-922 999