The BYBLOS TRAILS, Lead the way is a development project under  program.


  1. The project aims at creating a coalition between the villages’ residents and the volunteers seeking to revive the historical and natural trails, to develop and implement new pedestrian domains for eco and rural tourism in cooperation with the local community.
  2. As a part of Baldati’s national program,, “BYBLOS TRAILS, Lead the way” project aims to map all the traditional Lebanese routs sorted by Cazas and highlight the focal points in those villages as archeological sites, cultural sites, pilgrimage sites, and natural sceneries.
  3. In this order, the project will be 1 month and a half being a 10 day-weekend camp (period of 5 weeks) where 50 volunteers will be trained to become skilled in hiking and rehabilitating new trails in 6 different villages in Jbeil, which are: Mayfouq, Bentael, Bejjeh, Maad, Mechmech, Ehmej, Kharbeh, and Lehfed.

Summary and Overview of Specific Objectives of the camps:


  • To introduce the volunteers to Eco Tourism through sessions.
  • To rehabilitate pedestrian trails in the villages of Lebanon for eco and rural tourism activities, while adopting international standards.
  • To highlight and promote the areas as destinations for eco and rural tourism at the national level.
  • To teach about the ways of preservation of such trails whilst high pointing the methods of reintegration of naturally based wild life there as well as methods to enhance and take care of plantations.
  • To teach about communications skills needed throughout the job as a whole.
  • To teach the volunteers ways of management and organization of big ecotourism events, such as the Bikeathon event.

When and Where?

We are meeting each tuesday, thursday, and Sunday weekdays in byblos cultural centre in Jbeil old souks and weekend 1 in ghalboun, weekend 2 bentael, and weekend 3 in Ehmej. 
We have a base camp in Mayfouq where volunteers, when they want, can join us each weekend. 

visit byblos info centre

Reminder of our optional weekly meetings :
Friday :byblos cultural center 5 pm to 7pm
Wednesday: Baldati Head office elissar 5pm to 7pm
Weekend : Mayfouq camp
Lea Ghanem

Lea Ghanem

Wandering in Byblos after meeting #4

Since Thursday 20th of August is the last day of the TOT workshop of the ministry of social affairs , we will postpone our 1st day to Tuesday 25th @ 9 am in Byblos Cultural center . Knowing that on Sunday 23rd we will be setting our Base Camp in Mayfouq Baldati Centre , your help will be appreciated with all volunteers ... pls call now 04-922999 for more info

الموضوع : دعوة لحضور المؤتمر الصحفي لأطلاق مشروع " دروب جبيل "
المكان : المركز الثقافي لبلدية جبيل
الزمان : الخميس 13 اب 2015
الساعة : 12 ظهرا

تشكر بلدتي دعمكم لمشروع " دروب جبيل " وتتشرف بدعوتكم لأطلاق المشروع من مدينة جبيل والذي يشمل معظم قرى قضاء جبيل . يهدف المشروع الى:
1. تدريب حوالي ال 50 متطوع من منطقة جبيل حول التمنية عبر السياحة البيئية و كيفية استعمال وسائل التواصل الأجتماعي لتسويق قرانا ومشاريعها.
2. مسح دروب المشي المعروفة والغير معروفة ونشرها عبر موقع خاص
3. الترويج والتسويق لهذا المشروع عبر الوسائل المتاحة لاستقطاب اكبر عدد من السياح والزوار.
مدينة جبيل التي صدرت الحرف للعالم تتميز اليوم في تصدر الطليعة بين مدن المنطقة وارادت عبر دعم المشروع مشاركة قرى قضاء جبيل نجاحاتها.
كما ان العديد من قرى القضاء قد نجحت في حجز مكان لها بين المهرجانات السياحية الوطنية والشرق اوسطية رأت من المفيد التكامل بين القرى المتقدمة والمدينة لما فيه مصلحة مشتركة لقرى القضاء كافة.
Front Desk

Front Desk

As of today, The "Byblos Trails-Lead the Way" project has won aside 22 other projects. The Second Phase of the project-and that is the Deliberation of the Volunteers- will take place.

Be a Volunteer with Baldati & the Ministry of Social affairs in Byblos Villages
1- Sign in or Register ur account as volunteer on the ministry portal http://nvsp (After registration go to ur inbox and click on the activation email)
2- Click on " Baldati Byblos Trails " Project : http://nvsp
3- Scroll Down then Click on "Click to Apply "
4- Thank you for sharing with your friends , more details to come.