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Mission  Description for 20 h community service value
Nbr. 1 
  1. join
  2. Join Baldati Lebanon fb group
  3. Join your favorite casa, governate, villages and cities 
Nbr. 2
  1. Design your own campaign
  2. Invite others to 
  3. read
  4. read
  5. chose an activity under 
Nbr. 3 Write an article on your favorite community 3h
Nbr. 4 Create some related albums 3h
Nbr. 5

Raise a dialogue about:


  1. a problem
  2. a conflict
  3. a solution


Nbr. 6 Plan for a project that fits under Baldati objectives 1h
Nbr. 7 Action plan 1h
Nbr. 8 Implementation plan 1h
Nbr. 9 Execution of the project 1h
Nbr. 10 Evaluate the project 1h
Nbr. 11 Sustainability and Replication plan 1h
Nbr. 12 post your proposal as an article on this community 5h