Baldati Junior SUMMER CAMP!!!!! (2 participants)
Type: Beach Day

Starts on: Monday July 20 2009

From: 08:00 AM-08:00 PM

Departure at 08:00 AM

Event Details

Now that school is done, time to have some rock'in fun, and that's why for the first time in Baldati Junior Club, a camp has took place for you Junior camping lovers.  Well if you're searching for adventure, fun, Nature's beauty the best place to spend your summer is in Baldati.  Baldati has the pleasure to offer you the summer of your dreams, the one that will keep your eyes open till you die full of happiness and fun.  Hiking, Biking, of course Camping and more, are included in this program, hiking with baldati the organization that chooses for you the level of hiking that you need and is easier for you or harder, is real fun in groups just like baldati does it.  Biking with baldati, well Baldati Junior Club can't say anything but "IT IS AMAZINGGGGGG!!!", it is real exciting fun with a pinch of adventure on it.  Well camping is our main idea, and camping with our organization is nothing but amusement, entertainment, enjoyment and excitement, roasting marshmallows over the fire is what makes this event tasty and fantastic.  Now all you have to do is tell your folks about it and let them take you to bladati’s heaven.... nature!!!!!!

For reservation and more info, call:

- 04/922999(office)



-03/624724(Eliane Boutros)

-03/549019(Marie-Joe Noon/ Yara Noon)

 All Baldati Group will be there and of course I will attend with the other Baldati Junior Club manager

   !!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!! 



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