Ask The Expert-Mr. Ghassan Moukheiber (10 participants)
Type: Ask the expert

Starts on: Wednesday March 17 2010

From: 06:00 PM-08:00 PM

Departure at 06:00 PM

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Ask the Expert:

 Metn Deputy

Maitre Ghassan Moukheiber


 Done read the press release


Will be attending our Baldati Offices in Elyssar on Wednesday March 17 at 6 PM


This event is open to the public but please reserve early as places are limited!


You can ask your questions and share your ideas by replying to this topic before March 17 - 3PM

 Ask The expert Maitre Ghassan Moukheiber


Baldati will play the role of the mediator between all citizens and Mr. Moukheiber and you’ll be able to watch and/ listen to / the meeting after on Baldati website

Meeting Agenda:


1-Decentralisation in Lebanon.

2- A better understanding of the municipal electoral law

3- Development projects in Metn casa

4-Discussion with Maitre Moukheiber



Please Confirm your presence to Mariane: 04-922999 - 71-220255

Ghassan Moukheiber Resume Overview

الاسم: غسان مخيبر                                                                                                      

تاريخ الولادة: 1958                                                                                                    

الدائرة: المتن                                                                                                             

المهنة: محامي                                                                                                            

انتخب عام: 2002 - 2005 - 2009                                                                              

 عائلة سياسيّة : إبن شقيق ألبير مخيبر: نائب سابق 1957-1968، 1972-1992،  2000-2002 - وزير سابق 1958، 1972-1973، 1973-1974 - نائب رئيس حكومة سابق 1972-197      

اللجان النيابيّة: الإدارة والعدل - مقرر حقوق الانسان


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