Ask the expert-Dr. Joseph Chami (10 participants)
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Starts on: Friday April 9 2010

From: 06:00 PM-08:00 PM

Departure at 06:00 PM

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Ask the Expert:

Jbeil Municipality president

Dr. Joseph Chami 

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 Will be attending our Baldati Offices in Elyssar on Friday April 9th  at 6 PM 

This event is open to the public but please reserve early as places are limited! 

You can ask your questions and share your ideas by replying to this topic before April 9 - 3PM

 Ask The expert Dr. Joseph Chami


Baldati will play the role of the mediator between all citizens and Dr. Chami and you’ll be able to watch and/ listen to / the meeting after on Baldati website

Meeting Agenda: 

1.      A brief about the major achievements in Byblos

2.      Future plans for Byblos

3.      Dr. Chami point of view regarding the proposed      Electoral reforms

4.      General discussion


Please Confirm your presence to Mariane: 04-922999 


Dr. Joseph Chami Resume:

  • Name: CHAMI Joseph
  • Place and Date of birth: Jbail-Byblos, 1959
  • Family Status: Married to Dr. Béatrice Le Bon. Father of 3 children: Antoine, Maxime and Lionel.
  • Primary and Secondary Education:
  • - Primary and Complementary: "Frères Maristes" - Jbail Byblos
  • - Secondary Education: " Mont La Salle" - Beirut
  • University Education:
  • - Medical Doctor, Free University Brussels, (ULB), Belgium.
  • - Internal Medicine, Intensive Care and Cardiology, ULB, Belgium
  • Society Memberships/ Professional Services:
  • - Member of the European Society of Cardiology.
  • - Member of the Lebanese Society of Cardiology.
  • - Founding Member of the Association Byblos-Ecologia.
  • - Member of the Charity Association of Jbail-Byblos.
  • - Since 2009: Member of Mediterranean Women Foundation
  • - Funding Member of the Cananeens, Phoenicians and Puniques League
  • Professional Experience:
  • - 1992-1999: Medical Director - ND Maritime Hospital, Jbail-Byblos
  • - 1999 to present: CEO of ND Maritime Hospital, Jbail-Byblos.
  • - 2004-2007: Vice-President of the Municipal Council, Jbail-Byblos
  • - 2008 to present: President of the Municipality, Jbail-Byblos.


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