Bank Of Beirut-Private (0 participants)
Type: Hiking Trip

Starts on: Sunday June 27 2010

From: 07:30 AM-06:30 PM

Departure at 07:30 AM

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Trip Information

In order to be able to join the Trip you have to fill all personal information and hiking profile information. Please do so before clicking on attending.


Kindly check Baldati Hiking Club "Terms & Conditions" which you have to sign before taking the bus or pullman and go hiking with Baldati.


Smoking is not allowed with Baldati


Wadi AL Karakir-Meziara




North Lebanon




Mr. Issam Diab


7:30 am  SHARP Bank of Beirut | Administrative Offices | Jdeideh |  Staff Parking

Road to take:

Dbayeh – Batroun- kousba - Meziara

Hiking Duration :

4 hours

Distance :

 10 Km

Max Altitude :

1100 m 

Min Altitude :

 350 m

Level :

5/10 level

   Price :


Return Time

06:30 pm


We are going to be hiking in the beautiful Valley of Wadi AL Karakir!

Starting from Mazraat Al tefe7 till Rachta 3amout then towards Hmays then arriving to Wadi AL Karakir and heading to final destination Mra7 Kfarzghab.

Sensational Summercolors and cool shaped  trees guaranteed!

Other descriptions:

This is an “Open Event”, hikers are allowed to bring friends and invite others to join after informing them of all the details of the trip.


-          Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS-A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day

-          Water : at least 2 liters/person

-          Food and Water:  High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies

-          Other Gear: Backpack /Personal first aid kit/Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.


For additional information

Contact Baldati on 04-922 999 or 04-924100 email us at

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