Tour in Bilad Jbeil (2 participants)
Type: travel

Starts on: Sunday March 13 2011

From: 08:00 AM-08:00 PM

Departure at 08:00 AM

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  •  nahr ibrahim , qartaba , yanouh , aakoura ,Annaya, ehmej , lehfed , Ilige (Lunch), mayfouq , haqel , bejeh , maad , barbara , amchit ,
  • Arrival :Byblos port - See map


13- march -2011 see weather


Wild Lebanon Team

with the collaboration of municipalities , makhateer and local organizations and citizens.



Level :

  • Touristic , Cultural and Religious Tour
  • Suitable to ALL ages
  • 2 to 3 Smooth walks in the villages during the stops and after lunch for not more then 15 min each.



Return Time

7:00 pm



  • To All people willing to discover Lebanon caza by caza village by village, in a luxurious pulman with a great company and a professional guide. 
  • Invite your parents , family , kids , friends.
  • Tour of most of the villages of Jbeil caza , stops in the most important places , meeting locals 
  • Breakfast : Typical traditional Lebanese : manquouche sajj and laban.
  • Food available in all villages (not included in the price)
  • Stops at the most important sites in the villages showing the best of its culture and tradition.
  • Like Jule verne did the tour of the world in 80 days , you will do the tour of jbeil in 12 hours.


Other descriptions:


Please note that our journey conditions requires that you bring with you:Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap,  Water : at least 1 liter/person-Food and Water: High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies -Other Gear: Backpack /Personal first aid kit/Camera,


For additional information


Contact Baldati on 04-922 999 03-666565  


  • Program can be subject to modification without prior notification by Wild Lebanon team.



Payment Details

Full payment is to be made to confirm registration

Bank Audi (Any Branch)

Account nbr.: 

    LB12 0056 0006 9621 7461 0020 1002 

  Make sure to include your full name and a description for payment

Keep a copy of your receipt reference no. and send it with a scanned copy to or sms to 03-666565

  N.B. Your reservation won’t be official until full payment is made

You can always pay in the bus 


Trip Information

In order to be able to join the Trip you have to fill all personal information andhiking profile information. Please do so before clicking on attending.Kindly check Baldati Hiking Club "Terms & Conditions" which you have to sign before taking the bus or pullman and go hiking with Baldati.




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