Discovering Cornet El Sawda (22 participants)
Type: hiking smooth

Starts on: Sunday September 11 2011

From: 06:00 AM-07:05 PM

Departure at 06:00 AM

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Kornet El Sawda  - weather / weekend -





North Lebanon


Sunday September 11 ,2011  


 Baldati Team


Road to take:

Dbayeh - Jbeil - Chekka - Becharre - Arz - Kornet El Sawda- no stop for Breakfast on the road

Hiking Duration :

 4 hrs 

Distance :

11 km

Max Altitude :

3088 m

Min Altitude :

2800 m

Level :

5/10 in 4x4 up to the mountain then hiking from the top to Arz main road

Contribution :


Initial price 55000 lbp The event is sponsered by The Municipiality of Becharreh first 100 person 30000 lbp


- Baldati fees,

- Guide,

- Transportation

- Pick up


Payment Details:

  • In the Bus
  • Priority for prepaid booking During previous trips or in Bank:

Bank Audi (Any Branch)

Account nbr.: 



   LB12 0056 0006 9621 7461 0010 1005    


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 Keep a copy of your receipt reference no. and send to 

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return time

8:00 PM depending on the traffic



  Hike in Qornet El Sawda is a different hike from what you have seen.


With the collaboration of the Municipality of Becharre we are pleased to invite you to discover 


You will be witnessing a different splendid nature overlooking the beautiful Kornet El Sawda.


 The name might be scary as it translates in into the Black Peak, but it is pure Lebanese beauty. Many consider the location as a challenge to reach since it takes you quite some time to reach the location. Kornet El Sawda , is said to be the highest summit in the Middle East, at 3085 m above sea level. The amazing scenery that your eyes catch upon reaching these amazing landscapes is indescribable.


Our hike will start at an altitude of 3088 m from the top  we will have a smooth uphill hike for 100 m , Our day will start from Arz and a pick-up will drive us to reach the somet of Kornet El Sawda for a max altitude of 3085 m. then We will walk  from the black peak to reach AL Arz.

The weather in Kornet El Sawda is like winter bring your Jacket with you and your woolen hat to be protect from the cold air and the snow .


We will be in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon and on the southwestern slopes of Mount Makmall and Kornet el Sawda.


It’s a difficult level but we promise you, you will feel worth it because of the sceneries all the long of the trip.


Then after the hiking we will make a touristic tour in Becharre :

1- visit the Arz Al Rab forest
2- Gebran Museum
3-the Municipality of Becharre



This program is unique. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place.


Other descriptions:


This is an "Open Event", hikers are allowed to bring friends and invite others to join after informing them of all the details of the trip.

 Please note that our journey conditions requires that you bring with you:

- Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS-A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day

- Water : at least 2 liters/person

- Food and Water: High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies

- Other Gear: Backpack /Personal first aid kit/Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.

Trail :

See map

For additional information &



Contact Baldati on  : 03-666565 04-922999

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·         Please note any cancellations after Saturday 4pm will incur a fee of 20,000LBP. So please make sure you're attending before reserving.  

· is a nonprofit organization , all fees collected goes to cover the running costs of our ongoing development programs.

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