Lebanese Olive Oil - 20 L (2 participants)
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Starts on: Sunday January 1 2012

From: 12:00 AM-10:55 AM

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Buy Lebanese Olive Oil 

Qtt. : 20 L

Our aim is to link Lebanese Local Producers to new clients directly  , so we can contribute in Opening New Markets , assure good quality and move rural economy cycle to new levels.

We are adopting only producers from rural areas and putting them online on  where we cut extra expenses like rents , showrooms overhead and sales operations.

Baldati olive oil comes from Mayfouq and Rachaya el foukhar. We are ready to adopt more producers after proving quality .


  1. 130 $ : Regular Price
  2. 120 $ : Baldati Price
  3. 110$ : Special Price for Card Holders 
 including: Free Delivery -  send your address to 
Order one or more 20 L tank by :
  1. click attending on the right column
  2. chose the payment method
  3. transfer the exact amount in usd
  4. confirm 
N.B. sorry for the inconvenience because we are using the events form till our e-commerce section is ready, thank you for your understanding



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