Arz Jaj ... to Sindyan Mayfouq (22 participants)
Type: hiking smooth

Starts on: Sunday July 28 2013

From: 07:45 AM-06:15 PM

Departure at 07:45 AM

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Jaj , Lehfed , Mayfouq - weather / weekend -





Mount Lebanon


Baldati Team



Road to take:

Dbayeh – Amchit – Aabaydat -  Lehfed - Jaj

Hiking Duration :

 3-4 hrs 

Distance :

About 10 km

Max Altitude :

1000 m

Min Altitude :

800 m

Level :


Contribution :




  1. 20$ : For Prepaid , Before Tuesday 10 pm
  2. 23$ : For Prepaid , After Tuesday
  3. 27$ : In the bus

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return time

6:30 PM depending on the traffic




Historically, the village of Jaj was always associated with its cedar to which it owes its existence. The dense forest that used to cover the mountain of Jaj and the waving sea at the shores below made the old inhabitants of Jbeil the best sailors. 

Our hike will begin in the village of Jaj , Jaj lies in a splendidly beautiful area and in one of densest forests in Lebanon. On our road We will visit the famous sculptor of Jaj , and will follow mixed trails, goat trails, passing through Lehfed village till to rich Deir Mar Chalita in Kattara  Mayfouq , we will continue to the old monastery of Our Lady of Elige then go up to rich El 3osbeh, in 3osbeh we will pass by Deir Mar Geryes, a historical monastery that happens to be in mid-path. Then the path will lead us to a very old abandoned church, that of Mar Saba the view from there is wonderful, and we will love the two huge oak trees beside the church of Mar Saba.  The views are marvelous we can see the villages of Batroun Caza on one side and the villages of Jbeil Caza on the other. At the end of the trail we will walk to rich Deir Saydet Mayfouq and see a very old Icon of Our Virgin Mary our Lady Of Mayfouq . Mayfouq was the second Old Maronite Patriarchal …..The Lebanese Maronite Order took possession of it in 1766, after it had been ceded to them by Emir Yussef Shehab…

The trail is beautiful and offering wonderful views we will be visiting some archeological sites and have enough time to take hundreds of pictures and rest in the nature.


Other descriptions:


This is an "Open Event", hikers are allowed to bring friends and invite others to join after informing them of all the details of the trip.

 Please note that our journey conditions requires that you bring with you:

- Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants, Warm jacket, Hat/cap, HIKING BOOTS-A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day

- Water : at least 2 liters/person

- Food and Water: High-calorie quick-burn energy food , dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies

- Other Gear: Backpack /Personal first aid kit/Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.



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