Moukhtara junior hike (11 participants)
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Starts on: Sunday March 16 2014

From: 07:45 AM-06:00 PM

Departure at 07:45 AM

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Mokhtara Hiking with Baldati junior club 

The Chouf region is by far the best in maintaining and preserving forests and nature. There are many villages that are rich in scenic spots and old historical places.

El Moukhtara is a historic town where many traditional houses still stand. 

This town is famous for being the seat of the Jumblatt family, the leaders of the Druze community in the Chouf. The town is also notable for its beautiful houses, old oil presses, churches, and Moukhtara Castle. 

A special day  hike for kids between 3 years and 12 years is waiting your kids this day !! 

Join us don't miss the fun :)))


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