Mount Lebanon is a geographical designation , is the Lebasese mountain range , known as the western Mountain range of Lebanon .It extends across the whole country along about 160km , parallel to the Mediterranean coast with highest peak , Qurnat as Sawda , at 3,083 m .Lebanon has historically been defined by these mountains , which provided protection for the local population .The snowy peaks may have given Lebanon its name in antiquity ; Laban is Aaramic for "White " .In Lebanon the changes in scenery are not connected to geographical distances , but to altitudes.The Mountains were known for their oak and pine forests.Also , in the high slopes of Mount Lebanon are the last remaining groves of the famous Cedars Of Lebanon .The Phoenicians used the forests from Mount Lebanon to build their ship fleet and to trade with their Levantine neughbors.However , the Phoenicians and successor rulers replanted and restocked the range so that even as late as the 16th century , its forested area was considerable. more on