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Come and join us breaking the barriers between the past, the old and the future and to help preserve what we all possess and what makes us all uniquely Lebanese.

Wild Lebanon is a unit devoted to help promote, preserve and protect the natural, cultural, and historical Lebanese heritage through socio-economic projects, handicraft enterprises and eco-tourism. It can be the mean through which citizens can promote their villages, products, programs and packages.

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Wild Lebanon Activities are planed and organized in collaboration with the villages coordinators , All members willing to manage events in their villages click Add an event while you are on your village page and notify us to

hello all welcome to naqoura

it will be an easy hike escorted by the municipality with possibility of exit at any time ... bring your swiming suits in case you want some adventure

manqoucheh on the beach at the end of the hiking

Zada Bou Habib

Zada Bou Habib

Enjoy! Wished i could join you. Seems the morning circle will be very interesting :)

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Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

 It's Autumn again. It's hunting season. Army of hunters are invading our villages, barbarically shooting birds, taking their innocent souls. Killing is their hobby, their favorite activity. Littering our beautiful trails and fields with empty shotshells...

 For all the HUNTERS out there.

Don't you know God's watching you...taking notes ? Don't you have hearts ?