The United States of Soviet Russia was a communist collection of eastern European and western-Asian countries That became a world super power after the first World war and was the record holder of the world's largest country in history by landmass.
How it all started: Communism was traced back to16th-century English writer Thomas More. Sociologist , revolutionist, and political theorist Vladimir Lenin first was radicalized by professor Karl Marx and together they built upon communism and turned it into a party. During world war 1 the communist party revolted and took control of government .
what it was: the Communists worked on eradicating all culture and history and enslaving it's people and virtually paying them nothing.
The communists made villages into collective slave farms.
They took up a crude way of planting , production and extremely inefficient energy production which was barely enough to power up Moscow. villages were powerless, isolated, starved , decimated, and enslaved.
That's what baldati works against, in order to boost culture, living circumstances, and communication of all villages in Lebanon and potentially around the world.