EU project funds Lebanese crime scene simulation centre

 The Minister of Interior H.E. Mr.Ziad Baroud, the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Brigadier General Ashraf Rifi, and the Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Lebanon, Ambassador Patrick Laurent, inaugurated on 20 May 2009, a crime scene simulation site in Aaramoun, south of Beirut. The site was built under the project "Improving criminal investigation at all stages of the investigation process in Lebanon" funded by the European Union (€ 2.3 million). This inauguration, which took place in the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, constitutes the last phase of a project which started in January 2008 and had also benefited in terms of its technical implementation from the expertise of EU Member States (United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain).

The crime scene simulation site built thanks to a funding from the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom and equipped by the European Union, is the first building of the Practical Training Centre of the Judicial Police. The centre will be built by the Internal Security Forces in Aaramoun and equipped by the EU under its new project "Security and Rule of Law" (€ 4 million), and which is a continuation of the first project .

The simulation site and the Practical Training Centre of the Judicial Police will host training sessions for judiciary police investigators on various investigation techniques in closed and open areas, in order to acquire automation skills enabling them to preserve traces and clues the crime scene, and conduct legal investigations in the best possible conditions. The training which will take place at the simulation site will thus consolidate and sustain the one delivered on the management of the crime scene under the first project (Improving criminal investigation at all stages of the investigation process in Lebanon). In addition to the members of the judicial police, the Practical Training Centre of the Judicial Police is intended to train personnel from various agencies involved in the crime scene, namely judges, the Red Cross, civil defence, the fire brigade as well as the Lebanese Army. By investing in human resources, the project will enable the intervening parties on the crime scene, especially the ISF, to better protect citizens and support the Government in building a State of law.

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