Newsletter June18, 2009


News updated

·         لبنان الغنيّ بالمياه... يعطش

           La Conférence de Stockholm

·          Together we can make a difference



           Sunday 21, join us for a Rafting in Assi

 Discussion of the week


          Do you think we should appreciate our grandparents

Ask The Expert

        Maitre Ziad Baroud

Upcoming Events

·         Celebrate the “grandparents day” with Baldati

·         Baldati Summer Camp 09 (20th jul - 30th Aug) coming soon

.         Saradar IT Program with Baldati in Chekka

.         Book now for the SITP caravan in your village with Baldati

Countries Updated




Villages Updated

     ouadi Khaled)


Groups updated

- Kibarouna

- High-Tech

- Souk El Tayeb



Albums updated

- Karaz Hammana with Souk El Tayeb

- Baldati in AUT Tripoli

-  Ghbale Kesrouane

- Lebanon Old Gallery