How to Post an Article:

1-      Sign into your account

If you do not have one, just register, it’s free and easy ;)

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2-      Click on the community which is related to the theme of the article you wish to add

(e.g.: news about China’s festival is added to the country China

To access the community go to Baldati e-community that is always located on the left of your page. This will open all the Main communities. If you want to have all the list of the sub communities then press on the Directory browser)

3-      Once You enter a community you can add an article

You find the box located on your right by the name of “community toolbox” were you find different options. You can either add a news article or a photo album, you can even add a new discussion.

4-      In the first box add the title

5-      Then the summary

6-      Do not forget to attach a picture to the article

7-      Last but not least paste/write the article into the last box

8-      Do not forget to add the reference from where you got your article from (unless you wrote the article)

9-      Then just press post article, and you’re all done!

We’re looking forward to hearing about your interests ;) 


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