How to add a place on

How much we are in need of a ZIP code in Lebanon, Baldati created “ Baldati Places” which is a combination of our traditional way to describe our location and a google earth map.

You can now add as many addresses as u want  FREE of CHARGE .

Go to the specified village using the search on the top or browse  and follow the instruction below.

You can add your home , promote your business , or show the parking nearby or help people to find interesting focal points….

  1. open google earth
  2. if you dont have it, download :
  3. find your place on google earth
  4. create  A place mark (the yellow pin on the menu bar)
  5. right click and save as (KMZ extension) on your desktop
  6. Go to
  7. Sign in ( you cannot perform any action without signing in)
  8. Be sure to see on the top right "welcome ............"
  9. from "My e-communities" go to your desired community related to the subject of your article.
  10. You can add a new e-community to your groups from “Directory browser
  11. on the right column find "places" click on "ADD a place"
  12. with browse select the "kmz" file created on google earth
  13. fill the descriptions and category
  14. Now you can create as many places as you want in your village
  15. municipality, pharmacy, petrol station ....
  16. Baldati places complement google when it comes to places in our communities that google is not accepting.
  17. every community on baldati has its places
  18. you can see all places on "main" community 
  19. ex: find our Meeting point on Sundays :