Newsletter July 8, 2009

News updated

·          Liban : annee touristique par excellence

           Sauvegarde du pont naturel de Faqra

           Les NGO : quels acteurs sont-ils?

           Deir el Qamar festival

           Beit Eddine Festival

·          ماذا جرى قبل 50 عاماوفي 5 تموز؟


·         Friday July 10, Full moon Hiking to Barouk Forest

           Sunday July 12, join us for a hiking to "Jabal El Kneisseh"

Discussion of the week

        Ask the expert Maitre Ziad Baroud

       A message for Lebanon

Upcoming Events 

·         Baldati Summer Camp (20th jul - 30th Aug) check the program

         Atayeb Broummana

         Saradar ITP in Chekka


Projects news

Citizen Lebanon Newsletter-May 09 Issue

Countries Updated



 Villages Updated

·         Deir El Qamar

          Jdeidet Marjeyoun


 Groups updated

·         Healthy Food

·         Education

·         Kibarouna


Albums updated

·         Jdeidet Marjeyoun

          Grandparents Day

·         Only in Lebanon

          Hiking Karm El Mohr

          Hiking to Qornet El Sawda