We are graphic designers!

YOU know YOU ARE a graphic designer when:

- you're sitting in a delicious restaurant but all you can do is criticize the menu.
- you start giving lectures about blank space when others think it's just an empty space
- baskerville garamond bodoni and cie are the only guys your seing lately
-you dream about projects,fonts and pantone and you actually think it's cool...well HOT!
-you pump urself with caffeine
-you know the difference between font and typeface
-you always think ur project is great until you take another look at it after an entire night working!
-you finally realize that you haven't showered for days but 2 late ur friends already did...
-droopy's face sounds familiar
-you can spot stupid or great ads from 10000000000km
-you maintain a grid system to park your car
-your neck turns to one side only
-you keep saying 2 urself "we're sleeping early 2night" and you realize you didn't the next morning!
-yeah you talk 2 yourself! and consider both of you a "we" hahaha