Best Furniture Design by Young Lebanese Designers

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PR110527 Divine Details Inter-University Furniture Contest

May 30, 2011 - For immediate publishing

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Best Furniture Design by Young Lebanese Designers

Twenty-one interior design students from different Lebanese universities and schools that teach Interior Design are exhibiting their final work at Ground Zero of Farra Design Center, Mekalles. They are participating at the Divine Detail Inter-university furniture competition, where on June 3 at 7pm, the four best designs will win a total of $5,000 offered by Farra Design Center.


Divine Details is a philanthropic division created in 2004 with the main objective to promote youth development, careers and design projects. With many activities done over the years, this year, and for the second time, Divine Details has targeted university students who were asked to design and execute a full scale piece of furniture. This event is in participation of the Lebanese Syndicate of Interior Designers.


How does it help the community? Divine Details aims to help young designers, architecture students and recent graduates become more creative; its gives them the opportunity to enhance their design portfolios, have hands-on experience to complement their academic learning and improve their opportunities for employment in Lebanon.


Who can participate? This program is open to students from all University and Technical Schools that have an architecture, product design and interior design faculty.


Asked about it, Mr. Ronald Farra president of the company, which has also a branch in New York, replied: "Our aim is to help fresh graduates as they enter the real world of work. Our advice to them is: Be realistic, organized, listen, dare and adapt.

Albert Einstein once said: "The most prolific period of pessimism comes at the age of twenty-one, or thereabouts, when the first attempt is made to translate dreams into reality". This is why it is our duty to turn their pessimism into optimism. Helping fresh graduates into the entrepreneurial community has a positive impact on local economies, and if they can start their own company, this creates short-term job growth and job expansion in the local community. We should welcome the fresh graduates into the entrepreneurial community, mentor them, give them low cost excess resources and help them by being an early customer or partner.

Through our sponsoring of another NGO, Injaz Lebanon, we are helping develop the student's capacity in being an entrepreneur. Injaz Company Program gives the skills and knowledge to launch businesses that earn money. Through Divine Details, we are taking this one step beyond.

Inclusion of young entrepreneurs in the local community is a way to keep the current entrepreneurial environment alive and vibrant. 

This is not easy. According to Sophocles, two barriers prevent communication between the young and their elders (1.) Middle-aged forgetfulness of the fact that they themselves are no longer young.(2.)Youthful ignorance of the fact that middle-aged are still alive.

I would like to end with a word from Benjamin Disraeli said: "The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Prosperity"."


University Participants and Affiliations

1.      ALBA


2.      AUST


3.      BAU


4.      LAU


5.      LIU


6.      NDU


7.      USEK



Jury Members

1.       Lebanese Syndicate of Interior Designers

Mr. Michel Bernotti

2.       USEK

Mr. Charles Btaich

3.       LAU

Mr. Maroun El-Daccache

4.       AUST

Mr. Halim Choueiry

5.       NDU

Mr. Nadim Matta

6.       ALBA

Mr. Adolf Youssevitch

7.       Farra Design Center

Mrs. Sandra Tabbal Saad



Monday May 23rd 2011

From 9am till 5pm

Submission of Projects deadline

Thursday June 2nd 2011

From 10am till 2pm

Jury will view and grade the projects

Friday June 3rd 2011

Starting 7pm

Awards Distribution Ceremony