Submit a Best Practice

To submit a Best Practice to Baldati Green Cities  for posting to our website, please use the format below to describe your Best Practice and submit it with the policy document (ordinance, resolution, executive order) and the staff report for this Best Practice.

  1. Title of Best Practice
  2. Submitting Jurisdiction
  3. Purpose
    Clearly define the problem being addressed and the intended goal of the program in 1-2 sentences.
  4. Outcomes
    Summarize anticipated or actual program achievements and state whether goals have been met. Please include appropriate metrics and statistics.
  5. Background and Summary 
    Please include information that makes this best practice unique and exceptional.
    (Please use sub-headers below for lengthy summaries)
    • Public Outreach & Education
    • Public Support & Opposition
    • Issues & Barriers
    • Legal Issues
  6. Fiscal Impacts
    Please share program budget information, staff requirements, costs to ratepayers and sources of funding. 
  7. Resources
    Please include relevant attachments that could be of use to other jurisdictions that may wish to use your Best Practice as a model. At a minimum, a Best Practice must include:
    • Policy document(s) (e.g. the ordinance, resolution or executive order)
    • Staff report(s)
    • The completion and submittal of this form

Other desirable resources (Please be aware that .doc and .pdf files are preferred, as links have a tendency to expire):

    • Both the .doc and .pdf format of the policy document
    • Press releases
    • FAQ or outreach documents
    • Any other helpful links or resources
  1. Contact Information (for follow up)


Send Best Practices and accompanying attachments to