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Since the majority of the planet’s population lives now in cities, environmental problems such as water and air pollution, waste, toxic chemicals, traffic jams… are increasing every day, and all contribute to serious health injuries like cancer.

Another fact is, natural limited resources (water, oil, minerals, trees…) are being heavily consumed and depleted making no chance for future generations to use them, whereas natural unlimited resources (sun, air or wind, gravity, recycling) are being less used or even ignored.

Hundreds of species are being extinct each day, leading to the collapse and crash of the ecosystems. Earth will regenerate, recalibrate, rebalance and revive itself from any environmental crisis, but extinct species (possibly humans) may never reappear.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to put mother earth as a highest priority. Baldati organization made the compromise to preserve and protect the planet’s treasures, through green activities and programs which aim at increasing both the awareness and the work over this goal.

This Program exclusively built by aims to:


1. Conserve, customize and transfer to new generations the good values we had in our communities.


2. Inter and intra connect communities to role projects and developmental actions by establishing a network linking these communities to each other as well as their individuals and institutions.


3. To Work on building capacities and development according to international conventions and Human Rights Chart.


4. To Search for and to benefit to the fullest extent from advanced technologies in order to achieve the stated objectives.


5. To Support civil society institutions, networking and revitalize dialogue among all its members.


6. To Link society administrative institutions such as ministries and municipalities with Baldati’s bases through presentation and discussion of projects.


7. To Work on advanced and innovative projects that serve Baldati’s distinct goals.


8. To Share the association’s expertise and projects with other communities through Baldati’s members with respect of the privacy of all citizens.