About 500,000 car enter Beirut daily , Let's try to reduce this number, let's share our transportation.

Join " Baldati Eco Transport " project.


  1. PIN your prefered Bus Stop for Departure using Google Earth 
  2. Right Click the PIN and save as KMZ file on your desktop.
  3. Go to and create your account
  4. Fill your profile
  5. Go to 
  6. Join the community click
  7. on the right in places box click on ADD PLACE
  8. In Location Name : Mention your full name
  9. In Description : mention the best timing for you: Morning and afternoon
  10. Do the same for your Destination.



  • All Bus stops should be on the Highways.
  • No stops on the road for non members.
  • All buses are touristic , with professional drivers: provided by Boody Travel
  • Buses with internet connection: provided by Terranet.
  • Schedule of the buses will be defined based on your registration and the average departure and destination time.
  • Members will get a Baldati Card valid for one year
  • Cost of the Card depend on the number of registrations and the sponsors
  • Our aim is to reach a zero cost for members
  • Municipalities and Sponsors are welcome to support
  • For more info  Contact Us