1. Why 2 bags?

  • Easier to seperate the organical waste from the recyclable waste when dealing waste management

     2. Why do we need to rinse the recyclables?

  • To avoid smells and insects, some of the recycling factories refuse the recyclables if they are smudged with food, and it makes recycling easier

     3. Where do we throw the blue bag?

  • Curently there is a pick up point at Baldati in Mazraat Yachouh

     4. How do we contact Baldati?

  • Through the whatsapp group Nafroz.com 03-666565

     5. When do we drop the blue bag?

  • Through notification to the whatsapp group Nafroz.com

     6. How to create a collecting point?

  • A group of 40 houses or more can create a collecting point

     7. Do we need to remove staples and springs off papers, note books and magazines?

  • Paper mills are set up to remove staples and paper clips from the pulped paper. However springs should be removed.

     8. All kinds of plastics, including shopping bags are recyclable?

  • Yes

     9. Is there an awareness program?

  • For kids: through schools
  • For adults: through meetings with Nafroz group