The Lebanese Association for School Safety Awareness
 The Lebanese association for school safety awareness was launched in 2005 to help the educational institutions in school accidents’ prevention. LASSA is also member of YASA Group for Public Safety.
The association’s goals:
- To promote school safety through the association’s services and guidance.
- To help official and private schools through an individualized program.
- To give seminars and presentations concerning school safety.
- To launch awareness campaigns through media in order to reach all societies’ sections.
Public safety domains:
- Transportation safety (pedestrians, buses and cars).
- Building’s safety (Windows, stairs and playgrounds).
- Sport class injuries.

LASSA and its members hope to improve the overall safety of schools through its specialized programs which cover all school safety domains. Our work varies from simple suggestions like lectures and orientations in order to reach a safety procedure applied in each school.
We hope to reach our goals with the intention that we can provide safety for our children in their second home which is school.
LASSA’s projects for school safety:
Since 2005, LASSA established the civil community network for school safety (CCNSS) and it is working on several issues such as:
Bus drivers training in collaboration with YASA’s Driver Improvement Program (DIP) to provide children’s transportation’s safety.
A guide for safe school transportation which take advantage of foreign countries’ experience.
Promoting the use of seatbelts in buses.
The application of strict conditions on construction licenses especially for nurseries and emphasizing on the importance of a continuous maintenance as well as penalties for the misapplication of security standards.
The collaboration with the ministry of health to watch on hygienic conditions in all educational institutions.
Requesting an accidents register and complaint box in each school in collaboration with a team from LASSA and Children Right. In addition of the constitution of a specialized medical team and providing first aid tools.
Promoting public safety at schools through media and defending against violence phenomenon by the use of another punishment ways.
Collaborating with nurseries’ syndicate to establish the security conditions concerning buildings, transportation and furniture in order to generalize it on all nurseries in addition of training for employees on first aid.
Collaborating with the concerned parties such as ministry of education, parents committees, municipalities and police officers in order to put children’s safety on top of priorities.