Breastfeeding recommendations by different health organizations

There isn’t a single reputable health organization that doesn’t recognize the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for most babies in the first six months of life. The World Health Organization states:
Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers. As a global public health recommendation, infants should be exclusively breastfed (1) for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health (2) . Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond. Exclusive breastfeeding from birth is possible except for a few medical conditions, and unrestricted exclusive breastfeeding results in ample milk production.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends (among other things):
Exclusive breastfeeding for approximately the first six months and support for breastfeeding for the first year and beyond as long as mutually desired by mother and child.
The American Medical Association recognizes that breastfeeding is “the optimal form of nutrition for most infants” and supports the AAP’s recommendation.
Health Canada, Canada’s federal department in charge of health recommendations for the country, states:
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of life for healthy term infants, as breast milk is the best food for optimal growth.
Many other health organizations around the world have similar recommendations regarding breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is universally recognized as the biological norm for most babies. It is their ideal nourishment, far superior to any substitute. The only thing left now is for societal norms, attitudes, and expectations to catch up with this reality and help new mothers achieve these recommended goals
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