Moukhtara to Bisri Hike (42 participants)
Type: hiking smooth

Starts on: Sunday March 16 2014

From: 08:00 AM-06:00 PM

Departure at 08:00 AM

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moukhtara - Bisri River- weather / weekend -


Municipality of Moukhtara Baldati Team


Road to take:

Dbayeh - Alfa - Damour -Shouf


Hiking Level:

 4 hrs - 14km - down hill - 5/10 - 

for kids under 12 join the junior trip


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Sunday March 16 The Shouf area as a whole is known for its beautiful forests and well preserved nature.


With the collaboration of The Municipality of Moukhtara Baldati is pleased to invite you to a new Lebanese village 


Moukhtara Bisri is a great example, and so we’re going to share a wonderful Sunday together.


we will be hiking in a fantastic valley between great trees passing by a swift river and different natural water wells.


The trail will lead us between Shouf's most valuable treasure the green, majestic trees and the Sycamore Trees...we'll be surrounded by the vivid spring colors that make this nature a living painting of beauty... 


Moreover the hike will lead us through the Romanian Stairway & Kherbet Bisri     


Join us to this wonderful hike in Mazraat El Shouf & Bisri - River is a nonprofit organization , all fees collected goes to cover the running costs of our ongoing development programs


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