Welcome to the Head Quarter of

This website was Baldati's first project; it is based on a unique structure and strategy. The main purpose of is to bring people together in an original new creative way, you can use to post your ideas ant thoughts, or to promote your village projects and events, or open new public discussion topics, is simply a regional media tool. Each member can become an editor after following these steps:

  1. Create you own account on
  2. Fill out your profile
  3. Join the e-communities you like; your village, your profession, your university, your country.
  4. Send a request to explaining your interest in managing your e-communities
  5. Attach your CV, since all managers should be known by Baldati and the members.
  6. Benefit from the full control of your site and lot of unique features such as:

Add news article/ Add an event/ Add photo album/ Start a new discussion/ Send announcement/ E-mail announcement/ Places categories/ Event types/ Templates/ Add a sub-community/ Edit this community/ Manage permissions/ Manage community types

  1. baldati will help you to create your own website, use for free ex: ,
  2. Thank you for your support and understanding to keep clean, safe and reliable. team

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