Dear Sir,                                             


I write to you on behalf of the less fortunate members of our community in Lebanon, specifically orphans, widows and elderly, who plead for help. The level of destitution is so severe to some, where basic needs of food and shelter are seriously inadequate.  I will not proliferate on this, as I am certain that we can all identify with and are consciously aware of the plight of the poor and deprived and in this terrible economic situation in our beloved Lebanon.

Since 1993, Auxilia charitable association, through the caring and generosity of so many sponsors, has helped thousands of families and particularly orphan children in Lebanon attain a normal and dignified life by providing them with food vouchers, tuition assistance and medical support.  We also assisted hundreds of mothers in order to help them return their children home from orphanages they were forced to live in.

Currently Auxilia is continuously helping hundreds of families with a full sponsorship of food, school tuition and medical support.  Our annual budget is approximately 2 million dollars.


We appeal to your generosity and ask you to buy Auxilia’s greetings cards, which all its benefits will go to scholarship aids. Last year, and as result of the support of a lot of contributors in our greetings cards program, we was able to ensure the coverage of tuition fees for hundreds of children.

You can help us with buying a package of 10 cards and 10 envelops for only LL20.000.

Our major objective is to achieve our ultimate goal. With your support and cooperation, this mission is a lot easier to accomplish.

Remember that: To feel sorry for the needy is not the mark of a true Human Being, to HELP is.

So Please light a candle in a child’s heart and help turn tears into smiles,

               if everyone lights just one little candle, imagine what a bright world this would be”

We sincerely thank you for your time and support.


Dr. Assaad Nasr

President of Auxilia-International as a responsible social network feel the need to advocate and support Auxilia cause , that’s why we urge all our members to support this initiative and do what you can to promote Auxilia cards.


You can order from:

Baldati office : 04-922999 03-666565

We can deliver to the nearest point that suits you.

Ar. Chaker noon

President of