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Baldati Hiking Club was founded in 2003, more then 1700 hikers joined and visited 188 villages and locations.

Recommended Attire/equipment:

Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants


Comfortable Hiking Boots and good socks.

Food and Water:

Munchies: High-calorie quick-burn energy food - dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies…

Water: At least 2 liters in leak-proof, shatterproof bottles.

Other Gear:

Backpack/Sunglasses /Sunscreen /Personal first aid kit/Camera


Price list Plan: see more

- Bank AUDI (all branches) "Baldati" Account: 696217

- Cash in the BUS


Insurance details:

Hikers are required to provide their own insurance details



- Online

- By SMS (Name/Meeting point/Number of Persons)


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