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Baldati Hiking Club was founded in 2003, more then 1700 hikers joined and visited 188 villages and locations.

Recommended Attire/equipment:

Clothing: Comfortable Shirt/Pants


Comfortable Hiking Boots and good socks.

Food and Water:

Munchies: High-calorie quick-burn energy food - dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, small sandwiches, nuts, cookies…

Water: At least 2 liters in leak-proof, shatterproof bottles.

Other Gear:

Backpack/Sunglasses /Sunscreen /Personal first aid kit/Camera


Price list Plan: see more

- Bank AUDI (all branches) "Baldati" Account: 696217

- Cash in the BUS


Insurance details:

Hikers are required to provide their own insurance details



- Online

- By SMS (Name/Meeting point/Number of Persons)


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Madice Merheb

Madice Merheb

i recently have joined your group.i find it very interesting. your group and its activities allows us to discover our beautiful and cherished lebanon.

my question is: as a first time hiker, which level i should start? 

Mariane Elias

Mariane Elias

Hey Madice!

Welcome to Baldati ;)

If you are physically active you can start of with any level below 6/10 and see how you go. Hikes are usually fun and there are different paces during a hike, so you can choose the one that fits ur fitness level.

Hope to see you in our future hiking events ;)

Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

 Cluster bombs and unexploded artillery shells do not know when the war has ended. They continue to kill for days, month, years, decades after the combat has ended. And because they are usually painted in an interesting color, they can be very attractive to people especially children. Hikers must avoid touching or getting close to these odd objects when hiking in the wilderness because they may explode causing severe injury or death.

 Danger !!! Be careful out there !!! Do not touch or move any strange object. It can be a cluster bomb, it can explode at the slightest touch. Try to report to the authorities or the military when you find any.

 Have a safe hike !

Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

GEOCACHING is a high-teck treasure hunting game...Hikers will love it.


To learn about Geocaching use the link below to download the PDF. file:


http://www" target="_blank">http://www" target="_blank">


Enjoy the game !

Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

Hidden GEOCACHES in Lebanon:


For more information visit: http://www" target="_blank">

Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

 While accidents in the wilderness are thankfully few but they certainly do happen from time to time and hikers need to be prepared. Here we look at some ideas for packing an essential hiking first aid kit.

First aid kits can only carry so much, but if we know what to carry and how to use it, we can help those materials make the greatest possible impact on the positive health and safety of ourselve and those we're hiking with. Here are some items to include in our first aid kit:


Antibiotic ointment



Gauze pads

Cotton balls  

Medical adhesive tape



Rubber (latex) gloves

Pain relievers like Paracetamol...

Burn ointment

Anti-itch, cuts and insect bites ointment 

Diarrhea medication
Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

Walking and hiking sticks


 Have you ever asked why hikers carry walking sticks ?


 They use walking sticks for variety of reasons: For an assist on hills and stability on difficult terrain. For protection, hikers carry them while walking in the wilderness because they are excellent detterents to loose and attacking dogs. Usually when dogs see the stick they back off. One more important thing about sticks, we can build stretchers with them for emergency first aid to carry sick or injured hikers.

-A simple stretcher can be built with 2 sticks plus 5 or 6 trouser belts.
Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

Hello dear friends.

These are some 'waypoints' I saved during our hike last Sunday (01-11-09). By marking these precise 'waypoints' on the satellite map of GOOGLE EARTH, you'll be able to see or navigate virtually the hiking trail we made from the beginning point to the end. Enjoy !

1- Ayn Zhalta, the start point where the bus left us
N 33 44 11.88
E 35 43 46.14

2- A short stop
N 33 43 24.06
E 35 43 28.74

3- The short break before climbing the mountain as a 'shortcut'
N 33 42 01.50
E 35 43 01.98

4- The artificial lake
N 33 41 39.66
E 35 42 44.40

5- Our lunch break
N 33 41 09.00
E 35 42 15.66

6- The entrance of Arz El Barouk reserve
N 33 41 06.96
E 35 41 55.14

7- Lamartine's Cedar (El Sawmaa)
N 33 40 41.22
E 35 41 26.22

8- The gate of Maaser El Shouf reserve. The wire fence which we passed under (End of the hike)
N 33 40 31.62
E 35 41 32.16
Missak Barsamian

Missak Barsamian

 When walking in a group hikers must not go ahead of the leader or behind the sweep (the Second-in-command). The hiking pace should be controlled by the leader to keep all hikers within reasonable distance behind him. He must occasionally check the sweep if he's visible to assure that the group stays together. Whatever happens, the group must stick together.